Author Topic: About Character/Adventure/Battle Log Skeleton Sheets (Summaries)  (Read 161 times)


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All LOG POST GOES INTO SUMMARIES Tab !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Summarizing all of the events that go on in this RP can be a bit difficult since there are so many members. So ere is a way that we can all keep each other updated. We each write individual summaries about whats happened so far to our characters in the story. treat them like Diaries. Or if there was some sort of adventure then you can write up an Adventure Log Post which tells who was involved in it and what happened. Same with Battle Logs.


Character Log Example:
Subject: Cherry [6/29/12]
(Then enter into the white bo whats happened to your character so far. Remember to use the same post for each update. Just click modify and update the date each time the post is modified.)

Adventure Log Example:
Subject: Searching for the Key[6/17/12] (Title it what ever you find suitable)
(First write in who was there then tell what happened.)

Battle Log Example:
Subject: Yukio vs Cherry[6/15/12]
[Why did you fight? What happened durng the fight? Who won?)

All LOG POST GOES INTO SUMMARIES Tab !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “Memory is a way of holding on to the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.”

    Nickname:"The Dragon" "Cherry" "Cherry Boy"
    Name: Kaguutabe Yanbarakutuubei
    Age: Fifteen
    Gender: Male
    5'7", slightly elongated ears, strong sense of smell, red hair, golden eyes, he wears headphones to cover his ears, sharp teeth.
    Spoiler (hover to show)

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    you are my best creation  ;D
    Name: Leon Chase
    Age: 19
    Bio: Leons past is unknown, he came to oraion when he was ten in hopes of learning to control a rare energy called chaos energy. over the years leon has learned to control it mostly but rathers not use it. his time now is spent mostly training. although leon prefers quiet he has never been the one to turn away his ear when a friend wants to talk.
    ability: chaos energy- an energy that disrupts, breaks down and utterly destroys if enough power is put behind it.
    Likes:silence, meat,
    Dislikes: N/A
    his two pistols HavoK and Glory
    Muramasa Chain- a chain that allows the user to open a door to an alternate space where they can keep items
    various types of ammo- various ammo that he uses

    Stats: total 1000
    energy to use ability-150
    martial arts skills-100
    equipment skills-250

    Chaos Mode: leons body becomes complete chaotic energy