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Re: Open Challenge (Totally open)
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((Np, I know the feeling! ^_^))

"Miyura, Elliot Miyura," Elliot said smiling at Kin before wincing from the pain again. When Ankoki said her piece and left, the teen frowned and raised his middle finger at her for a few seconds before letting his arm fall limply back to the ground. When Kiwi said her piece, Elliot was confused at first and looked around for the downed girl the woman she was speaking of. Once he realized that she was talking about him though, pure fury could be seen in his eyes as he sat up with a jolt slamming his right hand on the ground as he turned to face her.

"WHAT DID YOU CALL M--," The teen was interrupted as a spurt of blood shot from the gash in his shoulder and a few of his other deeper wounds and he nearly puked from a sudden wave of nausea. Collapsing to both hands, the teen still managed to glare up at Kiwi as his vision began to swim. "Take it... back... I'm a boy!!!" He grit his teeth as his arms shook from weakness.
- Kazuma Edilos & Daemos

Name: Kazuma Edilos / Daemos

Age: Unknown / Unknown
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- Elliot Miyura

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