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Re: Open Challenge (Totally open)
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A woman walked in the entrence of the dojo, she appeared to be looking for someone. She calmly walked down the hall of the dojo looking in each room she passed. Kiwi was looking for her pink-haired sister, Kin. She knew Kin would be in the Dojo due to the fact Kin was always the fighting type of girl. Where did she go?Merely after Kiwi questioned herself about her sister's where abouts, there was a blast of noises coming from down the hall.

Kiwi knew wherever that sound is coming from Kin had to be somewhere close to it. Kiwi sprinted down the hallway instantly, as fast as she could. When she reached the room Kin seemed to be standing over a blonde-haired girl. Closer than I thought.. Kiwi shook her head in shame as she walked over to her sister's side. "Well done." She complimeted her sister. "Lots of damage to the room too. Difficult battle? Hm?" Kiwi looked at the hole the floor with a very surprised look in her face. She chuckled lightly.
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Name: Kiwi Heath
Age: Twenty-Six
Bio: Kiwi was born in a second-class family. Expected to be a doctor or maybe a lawyer she chose something much better. She chose to be an assassin,she is not only an assassin she is a top notch one at that. Well, once she was banned from her job..she turned to teaching high school students.
Ability: Strike in complete silence..
Likes: Frisbee, Collectible Items, Swords,Sharp Items
Dislikes: Arrogant Children, Wimps, Soft Things
Classes:Assassin 101
Equipment:Wrist Blade, Bows & Arrow, Blade talons , Darts ,Pistols, etc..

Stats: total 1000
energy to use ability-210
martial arts skills-120
equipment skills-220