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Re: Open Challenge (Totally open)
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"Hurk!!!" He never saw it coming. Elliot coughed up blood as he bent over from the blow, but he instinctively drops his button down and grabbed the staff of the scythe to keep her from doing another move with it as he coughed a few times with his head down. "You know, I was just trying to be NICE!!!"

As Elliot shouts "nice," He yanks Ankoki's staff towards him pulling her off balance towards him as he steps forward into her with one palm pulled back. "C'mooooon this is one of the best shots your gonna get Elliot; make it count!!!" The teen thinks and his hand sparks with yellow energy for a moment. "TAKE THIS!!!" He yells, and slams his palm into the woman's diaphragm ((no increase; the sparks were mostly dramatic effect and redirection. Lol! xD)).

If successful, then even though the blow is weak, it strikes an area that cannot be trained, so it still knocks the air from the woman's lungs and sends her stumbling back. It would be obvious that if Elliot still had energy or was physically stronger, then he may have seriously hurt her with that blow. Elliot then yells and begins a relentless combo of punches and kicks aimed at specific areas. Rib shots, hip breaks, dislocations, if Ankoki doesn't escape the combo, then she will end up face down on the ground unable to move do to her injuries and Elliot would be standing behind her clapping the dust off of his hands.

"Well that's that, now how do I get out of here?" He would say and begin looking for an exit, while in actuality, he will be looking around for Ankoki because he'd have the feeling that he'd taken down another clone.
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