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Re: Open Challenge (Totally open)
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"You don't KNOW PAIN!!!!" Elliot shouted. Since the 2 were in close proximity of each other, he didn't need high speed stats to turn and slide into Anko quickly penetrating her guard before she could set it up. "HAAAA!!!" Elliot yelled slamming his left elbow into Anko's diaphragm to knock the air from her lungs while delivering a right palm to her chest ((chest, not boobs. lol! xD)) to make her stagger back a bit.

If the first 2 strikes work, then Elliot will do a half turn so that he was facing her and aim an upward elbow with his right arm at the woman's chin to daze her. Next, continuing with his spinning strikes, Elliot will spin into a backhand across her face with his left fist and finally, end his spin with a knee to the gut.

"TAKE THIS!!!" Elliot yells. If all of the above works, then Elliot will raise both of his hands high clasping them together over his head and slam them down on the woman's back slamming her to the ground in front of him. Normally, Elliot might've ended the combo with something heavier than that, but he was out of energy, so all he could do once he finished was shift into a defensive stance and wait for Anko's next move.

((You don't have to let that combo go through if you think Anko can dodge/block/or escape it. Just take the parts you don't think you can get out of (if any) then interrupt and counter where you feel you should! ^_^))
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