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Re: Open Challenge (Totally open)
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"Tch!" Elliot grits his teeth as he sees Anko escape his, admittedly, overly-flashy finishing blow, but then he see the skeleton hand coming at him and smirks a bit. "Not as disrespectful as YOU!!!"

Before the hand could reach him, he kicks it with all his might at it's wrist/back of the hand ((Strength x7 = 140)). A loud crack reverberates through the room as a shockwave rocks the walls and blasts Anko making her stagger. The next thing the arrogant woman knows, the hand of her own giant skeleton slams into her at full force smashing her through the wall and sending her flying out of the dojo and into the forest.

As the teen finishes the attack, he lands his flip taking a knee as the rest of the skeleton's arm lands on the floor in front of him. The teen pants, catching his breath out of energy and sweating a bit. Finally, he looks back at the hole in the wall smirking a little. "Heh heh... that's what you get... for underestimating me....," he said sincerely hoping that finished the fight.

((It probably didn't. Up to you. Lol! xD))
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