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Re: Lightning stream fields
« Reply #60 on: August 05, 2012, 02:13:03 am »
thank you my dear "elrose bows and looks at dent angrily" what is it that couldn't wait?

Dent:"he whispers" sir shes one of ankobus servants

"elrose looks over at freya and back to dent" nonsense. miss freya my good friend and protector dent here has been given information saying that you are sided with ankobu. is this true? " you can see lightning jumping around in his eyes, but his face stayed calm. the presence of a true leader"
Name: Ankobu Kyo
place(s) of origin: Hidden Catacombs

Type:God Of Chaos (kyos older brother)
Class: S
Bio: Ankobu is the older brother of Ankoku Kyo aka Principal Kyo. he was sealed away by his younger brother for trying to destroy the world. Ankobu's Tomb is located somewhere on the island
Abilities: Various Vampiric Abilities
Strengths: vampire master
Weaknesses: none