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Re: Lightning stream fields
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you do not understand. my men cannot storm the castle they do not possess that power. they are foot soldiers they will fight to weaken ankobus forces while the kyo brothers fight. we are merely support, we need people like you and your friends to free ankoku "a man from the camp runs up to the man sitting next to the driver and whispers in his ear. you can hear him speaking of intel on you and how you have joined ankobus side. the man sitting next to the driver nods and looks at elrose"

man: sir i need to speak with you

elrose: one minute Dent "he looks at freya"  do not mistake us for those who will flee. if the end for us is coming then we will head for it in a blaze of glory

Dent: sir it is urgent!!
Name: Ankobu Kyo
place(s) of origin: Hidden Catacombs

Type:God Of Chaos (kyos older brother)
Class: S
Bio: Ankobu is the older brother of Ankoku Kyo aka Principal Kyo. he was sealed away by his younger brother for trying to destroy the world. Ankobu's Tomb is located somewhere on the island
Abilities: Various Vampiric Abilities
Strengths: vampire master
Weaknesses: none