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« on: March 07, 2013, 08:10:52 pm »
place(s) of origin: Places of destruction and death.

Type:minor demon
Class: B
Bio: Pisacas are demonic creatures that feast on human meat, especially corpses. They are mentioned on the same level as other abominations as Rakshasa and Asuras, and are considered to be the physical incarnation of ignis fatuus. The origin of their names is believed to have been a result of the demonization of Hindu tribes by Aryan people.

They like darkness and haunt cremation grounds along with other demons like Bhutas (meaning ghosts) and Vetalas. Pisacas have the power to assume different forms at will, and may also become invisible. Sometimes, they possess human beings, and the victims are afflicted with a variety of maladies and abnormalities like insanity. Certain mantras are supposed to cure such afflicted persons, and drive away the Pisaca which may be possessing that particular human being. In order to keep the Pisacas away, they are given their share of offerings during certain religious functions and festivals
Abilities: Invisibility, causing diseases, insanity, possession.
Strengths: Heavily sleathy and magic-based demon.
Weaknesses: Weak to fire-based attacks.
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