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Re: The Astral Border
« on: July 02, 2012, 08:37:32 am »
(contd. from Black Fog)

As the spirits near the border their forms begin to change as well as their movements. Just beyond the border they detect frresh spirits still tied to mortal flesh. The scent is invigorating driving them insane.

Eruka: Do you think we should be here, Akiyuki? Isn't Kurai Shima for more elite students who are on missions?
Akiyuki: Ehh wo cares. You're safe as long as you're with me, Eruka.  ;D
Noah: You couldn't protect a wooden board, Akiyuki.  -_-
Akiyuki: Hey! Shut up, Noah!  >:( Don't listen to him, Eruka. I'm strong.  ;D
Noah: As strong a wooden board. -_-
Akiyuki: I SAID SHUT UP!
Eruka: Guys, maybe we shouldn't be so loud. Lets get out of here, Mr. Leon will put us in detention for a long time if we get caught.

".............During the War of the monster's Fall...I woke up angry at the world, at the war, at the gods...I unleashed my anger on thousands of innocent Families. Slaughtering them village, by village until the soil beneath the corpses was drenched in their BLOOD! AHAHAHA"

"....I came into the world, ugly, belittled...deformed. Everything was so beautiful...the trees...the mountains...the women. I watched from within the shadow of my hooded cloaked, jealous wanting to walk into the light just as they did, but I died a miserable death, a death for my lord...a death none the less."

"...I rode into battle with my head held, swinging my sword from the seat of my beast, laying waist to soldier to soldier. Even when the battle sunk and my warriors turned tail I continued to fight until my last breath. My torso skewered by enemy magic...."

The three students heard the voices and were frozen by fear. The Spirits soared towards them with Killing intent, but the universe had other plans. A soul seeker appeared and devoured the spirits i one huge bite. The creature began to glow and change shape, until it was completely different. It then turned on the students and eating them whole just as it had done the spirits. Their blood curdling screams were heard by no one.

The creature disappeared heading to Oraion Island.
Name: Noah Dark
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