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Re: The Astral Border
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White hands reached up from below ground, sprouting like a field of flowers. They locked onto the two teens legs as they other's pulled themselves from below ground as Yukio and Freya were pulled under. Then suddenly all the hands and figures burst into into fire. A man carrying a large dark red blade appeared. The creatures hissed in his presence then fled.

He turned to face the teens. He had crazy red hair and dark brown eyes, broad shoulders and huge biceps. He was insanely tall standing over six feet. He bared a strong resemblance to someone they knew. "Persistent, aren't ya?"
Name: Markov von Schröder|Sita of Eon
Nickname: King of Probability| Witch of Arceus
Age: 28/ unknown
Gender: Male/female
Professor Shroder is in a wheelchair. Sita appears as a spirit.
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