Author Topic: Shrine of the Spirit's Call  (Read 1258 times)


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Re: Shrine of the Spirit's Call
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From the sky Mika could see a man with crimson him staring up at her from just beyond the Astral Border. When he felt her eyes on him proceeded to walk away.

Freya suddenly remembered an encounter with Ms. Sita before departing for the mission.

"Ms. Dracone, take this." She slips a pendant around Freya's neck and tucks it into her shirt. "The book I seek is in the Astral realm. It is possessed by being known simply as the red spirit, but is true name is Kuei. If you come across him please retrieve this book for me. The pendant will lead you to it."

(I'm turning in for the night guys we can continue this later.)
Name: Markov von Schröder|Sita of Eon
Nickname: King of Probability| Witch of Arceus
Age: 28/ unknown
Gender: Male/female
Professor Shroder is in a wheelchair. Sita appears as a spirit.
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