Author Topic: Standing At the Edge of the Earth (Missing Children Squad)  (Read 1389 times)

Kaya Mitsume

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Kaya looked at Freya, smiling slightly. The other girl hears Kaya in her head, which will either make her startle or flinch not at all, depending on how she takes it. "Thanks. Keep her spirits up, and keep her mind off what happened in the tournament. Encourage as you can. I promised someone I'd get you out of here in one piece, and I'm damn certain to. After all, with that curious mind of yours, I think I've got some stuff you might find interesting." 

She looked at their tech head. "Tell me how it works? I've got no technological sense. I know how to push buttons, and make things work. That's about it." She only nods slowly at Yukio. 'You have my word' seems to go unstated from the little demi goddess.