Author Topic: Standing At the Edge of the Earth (Missing Children Squad)  (Read 1575 times)

Yukio Daichi

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Yukio sends his thoughts aloud, not wanting to speak. I can tell other's intentions, get inside their heads. I can attack mentally, and I can control winds. I'm a team player, I am NOT for any bullshit, so don't pull it. I'll know. My weaknesses are that I don't like seeing people hurt, especially Freya. My mind is always open, leaving me open for mental attacks. I also have control of several zombies on this island. He thought, and he raised his hand, making 5 zomibes rise from the ground. It comes with me being with the Discipline Committee.

He looked at his teamates and started to read thoughts, intentions, fears, and what makes them motivated.
Name:Yukio Daichi

Age: 16



Bio: Yukio is the son of two rich moguls, but never really cared for them. He left to go live with his aunt when he was 10, and was sent to Oraion Academy after it was found out that he had special abilities. He is a very smart boy, who excels in almost everything he does, and gains others envy in the process. 

ability: Telekinesis, Mind Reading, Aerokinesis(Air bending)

Likes:Girls, candy, money, food, motorcycles, soccer, talking, studying, partying, animals

Dislikes:Mean people, animal killers, spiders, bad hygene

Classes:Beast Terminology 1, Tracker Class 1, Science Lab 1, Survival 1, Supernatural/Demonology 1

Clubs/activities: None

Class Rep:Yami Engimono

Year: 1

Equipment:A lucky coin that he keeps.

Stats: 243
energy to use ability-40
martial arts skills-30
equipment skills-30