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Kaya Mitsume

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Kaya stands there, looking very calm. Her face and form are the same, as Freya and Mika have met her before. Her clothing is nothing they've seen her in. It looks to be a double chiton style gown straight from Ancient Greece itself. It wrapped her in folds. The bag she carries is something that looks equally as ancient as she herself is.

The sandals wrap her calves, and twin tattoos are on her forearms. Both look to be identical ornate daggers. A gold necklace encased her throat, a large moonstone sitting as the sentinel over smaller stones of jet and apache's tear.

She addressed Yukio quietly within his thoughts. "I'm Kaya Mitsume. I'm an empath, among other things. It's good to see someone with mind based powers. You'll be an asset. Wonderful to meet you." 

To the others, she spoke out loud. "For those I haven't met, I'm Kaya Mitsume. I was asked to lead this mission. Can I get a quick list, the bullet points, of what everyone thinks they bring to the mission, and what they think might be weak points of theirs?" Best to start off knowing these things, so she wasn't surprised later.

((As a note for everyone, the color of my text is going to denote telepathic communication or that which is out loud.))