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Kaya Mitsume

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Re: Black Fog: Black Abyss> Endless Cavern Lust
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Kaya felt her body changing, and rebelled. I don't want this. I control my body. I control my Spark. No. She gritted her teeth together, and no pull on her hormones would change her mind. She was a siren. A being born of the very thing trying to stir within her. She understood that very thing. It was hers to bend to her will.

She watched the others changing with a jaundiced and baleful eye. That only made it more surefire that she wasn't going the same way. Her eyes lit from within, like lightning in the storm that roiled in their depths. Mist, crashing water and golden lightning. All of them contained in those tiny spheres. She continued moving. If she had to, she'd pit her voice against the Cavern's pull, any day. If she could get the two to follow her, get the student and go, it would be okay.