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Kaya nodded her head. "I'm going to need you to use your dark energy, exude it in a cloud around us. Hopefully that'll keep these things from noticing us too much. We'll both use the shadow to shield ourselves from view. That's where I'm a little shaky, as I usually only use shadow for travel.

Shinkuru, you and I are gonna take that black smoke and use it as another veil around us. The smoke, dark energy and shadow are mostly gonna be you guys. I'm going to be focusing on projecting my aura out around us to cover you guys.

I feel a bit more like what they're used to than you two do. I'm gonna try and be a shield. Our best plan is to go in quiet and inconspicuous, especially until we know what's down there. If you two have any psychic shields, shields for your mind and such, put them up. Something is going to try and **** with our heads. Be ready for it."
She looked back and forth between them. "Questions, concerns?"