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Mission Sheet
« on: July 01, 2012, 09:54:17 pm »
Mission Type:(item search, rescue, expedition etc.)
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  • Student-
  • Student-
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Mission Briefing:
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Name:Ankoku kyō
Age: unknown
Bio: the principal of O'raion academy, he is the creator of the school and one of the strongest beings in the land, he is a very kindhearted man who loves the students.....although he barely leaves his office. he will answer any students call all they must do is leave a note and a small blood offering
ability: he is believed to be a vampire although people ask he never gives any recognition of these suspicions
Likes: dark places, the arts, blood....., nice clothes
Dislikes: unknown
Classes:although he is a principal he is a jack of all trades he is able to teach any class if needed
Equipment: Bartolommeo- his sword

Stats: total 3000
energy to use ability-450
martial arts skills-300
equipment skills-600
Shadow of The World Kyo-
this is kyos original form when he was once the shadow of the world. a fearsome demon feared by all. he can revert to this form whenever ready but chooses not to because he wants to start anew


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Re: Mission Sheet
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2012, 11:00:48 pm »
so will this allow people to gain points and stuff?
Name: Xero

Age: 19

Gender: male

Look: xero wears a simple red T-shirt with chain mail under his shirt, a black vest that’s weighted down for training purposes, black cargo pants and red & black boots. Fingerless gloves and a tool pouch on his side. He has black hair, and red eyes (LOL I guess we know what his favorite color is). If he’s not wearing his tool pouch then he has a bookbag.

Bio: Year’s ago Xero’s family were a well known warrior clan known as the “Nova Star Knights”. One day they were betrayed and framed for something that caused them to be forever shunned into disgrace. Years later Xero was born and told these this story many times, now he I determined to being his family’s name back to glory. Xero is a very kind, strong, and abnormally fast for his built. He love to make friends and crack jokes, a lot of times he’ll let his greed get the best of him which can cause him to mess up when he’s doing something.

Ability: Mild control over energy/Ki such as blasts, small shield and flight (still learning but haven't really worked on it), somewhat of a con artist.

Likes: Junk food, cutting classes, training, When people show him the respect that he wants, hanging out with his friends, money, acting greedy. and finding ways to get out of trouble. hanging around and sleeping in trees.

Dislikes: people who think their better/higher up then everyone else, people who harm his friends, and minotaur(for reasons only known to him).

Classes: none yet

Clubs/activities: none yet

Class Rep: yukimora jinzo

Year: 2nd year

Equipment: Bladed Knuckles. a black and gold Knights sword while in Star Nova mode.

Stats: 400+ 100=500
Strength- 70+10=80
Speed- 90+10=100
Intelligence- 40+20=60
Energy to use ability- 30+20=50
Stamina- 70+10=80
martial arts skills-60+20=80
equipment skills-40+10=50
Star Nova Mode:
when xero envokes the full potential of his family's power. It can be activated when his family symbol apperears in his right eye replacing his pupil.

Equipment: a black and gold Knights sword.
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ruko yagime

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Re: Mission Sheet
« Reply #2 on: July 05, 2012, 10:16:44 am »
yes it will
Name: ruko yagime
Age: 17


Bio: ruko has no family he doesn't even know why he's in this world. left to fend for himself as a child principal kyo brought him to the school and allowed him to join when he turned 16. he doesn't have many friends and he plays pranks on people he is also a very skilled thief hey you gotta eat some how he is also very proud of being a kitsune but he tends to lie sometimes so be careful  (sheesheesheesheeshee)

 albility: invisibility(needs complete focus), transformation, Illusions, twilight abilities control over some forms of light and darkness(just like a green lantern)   

Likes: fruits,meats,music,money,girls

Dislikes:dogs,popcorn,spiders, cockiness

Classes:beast terminology 1, tracker class 1, assassin 101 1, survival 1, transformations 1

Clubs/activities: if have any

Class Rep:
Year: 1st year
Equipment: magic bag that allows him to store an unlimited amount of items

Stats: total 500
energy to use ability-80
martial arts skills-60
equipment skills-0

Lucile a sword made of light