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Re: Chatroom :3
« Reply #240 on: June 27, 2012, 07:57:55 pm »
Right!!! No. The thing that killed me. I'm going to show you a convo that occurred between me, and my 10 year old cousin.

Me: Playing Pokemon, on my gameboy color. LIKE A BOSS.

Cousin: Kenny!!! Lemme play Pokemon!!

Me:Dude, you sure you wanna play this? This is a gameboy color.

Cousin: I still wanna play!!

Me: I just started, so don't mess anything up.

Cousin: Alright!! Which Pokemon game is it?

Me: I was playing Red, but now I'm playing Yellow.

Cousin: Lemme Play!!

I then hand over my Gameboy to my cousin.

Cousin: You don't have any strong Pokemon!!

Me: Yes I do!!!

Cousin: Where is Snivy?? I wanna play with Snivy?

Me: Dude, Snivy wasn't aborted yet.

Cousin: If you don't have Snivy, you have weak Pokemon.

Me: Dude, I have a friggin Lugia. What else do you want??

Cousin: Hahaha!! What's A Lugia??

I almost lost a cousin that day...
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