Author Topic: Troubles with Souls and Bodies... [Freya Kurei Rei/Hanzou, closed, Deep cave]  (Read 225 times)


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Rei rubbed his head slightly after listening. "So that what going on. So what warp his mind to do these things? When he found out that I'm pure-blood vampires, he became all scientistic... to my dismay. I HATE scientists and humans. They hunted us, hated us, tortures us, used us as weapons, forces us through tests, careless humans!" Rei angrily expression his hatres for them from the past.

Kurei quickly go over to Rei to calms him down little bit. "Please... we suffers enough, can't peoples ever stop hunting us down and let us live in peace? You and artemis are the only ones who don't view us as monsters or weapons. We DON'T want to hurt anyone again." he said, expressiong his and Rei's true wishes as rei finally calmed down and then returns back into Freya.

"Okay... please trace it and find it..." he finally said, clearing his hatres out of his systems.
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