Author Topic: Troubles with Souls and Bodies... [Freya Kurei Rei/Hanzou, closed, Deep cave]  (Read 225 times)


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Rei sigh to himself for awhile until Kurei spoke up. "Maybe it relates to Mika. He was being all lovely dovely with her, when he took her out on a date. Think that have any connection?"

Rei raise his eyebrown at Freya, where Kurei inside her. "Mika? Now that you mention, his plusies did asked weird questions, asking me if I love her or not, while I was taking care of mika. I said yes, but in family ways. She related to Kurei, but not me. However I still treat her as a sister." he scratch his head a bit as they reach the spot where his body was suppose to be.

Rei frown though, looking at the ground. "Not here... did shinji moved Kurei's body elsewhere? Damn."

He look at Freya again after looking around for another path. "Back to what I was saying... due to recent events and Shinji killing me. I was pulled into the limbos. It like a mental shutdown for me and Kurei, only it alot worst... way worst... it like a prison... of tortures, constants nightmares. It really hard to get out of it. After I was in limbos for... hours... maybe a day... I sensed shinji nearby and raided his mind and talked to him, wanting to know why he did this and such. He wouldn't give me any reasons though. And even demanded to make deals with me, wouldn't trust me. He threatened me too, that no one will find my body or me, that we will forever be trapped, if I don't accept his deals. I manage to find out one reason though, he needed immortality to protect Mika. So it all come down to Mikas. How is she the main focus of shinji? I don't understand that... he forced me to shows him where my real body is. I'm... am really scared of what he might do to my body... and Kurei's." he said, shakily at the end.
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