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Re: falling (open)
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Rei growled deeply in freya's mind, clearly angry. "Damn deal, he forced me to do it, now he going after my real body! Freya, correct? I will trust you only because you don't seem evil. I hate to ask you but could you please go in the caves in the canyon? I will lead you there, but please hurry. I will tell you what been going on as we walk there. Don't let shinji follow us." he said, pleading her for help.

Kurei was glad that he back, but worry about the things. "Rei... limbos? It coming again? Wait, you knows where you real body is now? That great news!" he however widen his eyes though when he mention about shinji going after his body. "...that bad... if he after your body... **** that not good...  That not good at all! Freya, please go!"" He quickly pulled Freya away from shinji in human forms, still connected to her, following Rei's directions. "C'mon! We gotta hurry!" he though to freya, his tone was pure fear.
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