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Re: falling (open)
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Kurei's eyes widen with happy yet shock at same time. "Rei?! Why are you in Shinji? Wait where are the body?" He ask quickly, he also turn his head to freya. "No, he not my other half, he has his own soul, we just share the same body. But he is important..."

Rei sigh to himself and force himself to come out using his soul ability, leaving shinji's mind, he quickly enters freya's shadows invisibly. From there, only freya and Kurei can hear him now. "Sorry, I don't... really trust shinji. I would trust him, but... he was making it harder. He also killed me, and gave me no choices but to agree to his... odd terms so I can get out of limbos and hopefully find you. Otherwise he would leave my body and me behide, forever trapped in the canyon and limbos. I glad your here safe. Let hurry before the limbos come find us..." he said quietly, he left no damages to freya and shinji, although he doesn't really care about shinji, he wasn't sure to trust him or not... shinji made him extremely uneasy... and caution...
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