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Re: falling (open)
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Rei stay slients, then a nervous chuckles. "Um... I don't see how that necessary for me to get my real body back... I'm still trapped in the limbos... and I still in Kurei's body... I just need someone to free me from the limbos, maybe Artemis for example or Kurei if you can find him. Right now I can't leave Kurei's body or the limbos' prison. The temples isn't rigged with traps, only the bloodline of Sorunu's can enters. Therefore only I can enters it. That why my real body still there." he explains.

"We would have to trust each other if we want to help each other, I don't necessary need your help, if your wondering about it. But if you want the immortality and learn of the ancient writing, you will have to trust me. I will forgive you, only if you keep that promise, to keep mika safe, and if you love her, love her truly. I'm no fool. And... if you promise you will never become like Deji... please..." he added. He was hestiate on the last part, as if he really wanted shinji to promises on the last two parts.
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