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Re: falling (open)
« on: December 23, 2012, 08:43:34 pm »
"Just some answers for me. Why did you chase me? If you didn't behave so weird, I wouldn't have to run, and I would have taken Kurei out of Mika's body safetly. Instead you went crazy and even killed Kurei's body. Is Mika safe, though? I don't know what your plusies was talking about, but that little thing was confusing me. No I don't love her like a lover or something. I only love her as her brother, same with Kurei, like a family really. Because Kurei don't have his own family anymore, the scientists killed them. And he hate Deji, even if he the father. So Mika was his only family. I have the same question to the plusie, Do you love Mika?" he said, telling him about his own feelings, and to clear up few misunderstandings his plusie made.
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