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Re: falling (open)
« on: December 23, 2012, 08:20:25 pm »
"Only little, Kurei was in pains, he needed to drink blood before he go berserk 100% again, thanks to Deji. My vampiric side was taking him over, since my soul was forcily inserted in his body by the damn scientists, and I wasn't fully awake. I wanted her to fight back, but Mika lets me drink little of her blood, haven't had any bloods since the damn lab guys stopped giving me. That was... 11 years ago. Jizero gave me some bottles, thankfully. I only go blood lust if I don't have bloods for years. It was also... mika's blood that awaken me in Kurei... I think Deji somehow implant a trigger in mika's blood to wake me, and in her words that trigger Kurei's pains. I only bit her once, and only once. I would never bite her or anyone again. I guessing that guy who has serious case of vampire hatres told you about it. He didn't mention that Mika was okay with it? That she knew what was happening and lets him? I don't know him, but he started to cuss me out, even threatened to kill me if he see me again, JUST because I'm a pure-blood vampire, nothing else. He manage to hurt Kurei though, he didn't know what was going on, and his mind shut down again. We been hunted and hated by peoples, all kinds, for years and years, even when we escape the lab." He explains, there were some angers when he mention hunter again, and deji.
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