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Re: Canyon Cliffs
« on: January 21, 2013, 11:16:41 pm »
killik walked a narrow path along the canyon cliffs "where am i?" killik looked down to the canyon floor. he had made it fairly high up the canyon wall. killik decided to walk a little further until he realized that the path ended and he would have to climb. he sighed and turned his hands into claws and began to scale the rest of the way. he would have flown but his wing was still damaged from the hunting experience he had
Name: KilliK
Age: 15
Gender: male

Bio: Killik is a thanatian hatchling dragon. he has come here knowing of others like him. and wishes to meet them in person
ability: Dark Abilities,
Likes: eating shadows, meat, darkness
Dislikes: bright light, candy
Classes:(total of 5)
Clubs/activities: if have any
Class Rep:
Year: 2

Stats: 400
strength- 80
speed- 40
intelligence- 80
energy to use ability- 100
stamina- 50
martial arts skills- 50
equipment skills- 0