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Re: Room 502
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Elliot smiled and nodded in response to Lya's question. For him, it was yet another dream come true for him, so of course he didn't mind. In fact, part of him even wondered if it was a trick before he squashed it down. " 'Don't look the gift horse in the mouth', El...," he thought to himself as he hugged Lya back, then blinked in surprise as he found himself pushed down onto the bed.

The Crescent Moon blinked, unsure what to think for a moment until Lya said she'd meet him in the forest. Once again, his eyes shined golden yellow for a moment as he smirked at the windowsill that Lya was on moments before. "Alright, seeya there love," he called after her. Then, the teen scooped up a comb, his hairband, and Georgie. The last of which he dropped him into his shirt pocket where the chick would be safe as he darted out the door, grinning big and eyes almost glowing golden yellow as he darted out of the dorms towards the forest.
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