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Re: Room 502
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The Crescent Moon listened, his blush deepening as he heard and understood her explanation. His mouth opened and closed as he tried to speak a few times, changing his mind at the last moment so as not to say something insulting. Eventually, Elliot lowered his head, carefully considering what to say. Both his feelings and his inner wolf urging him on as he figured out what he wanted to say.

"I... wouldn't mind that...," he said slowly raising his head with a smile. The teen then raised his hand towards the woman almost seeming to glow a bit in assurance, "considering the events of the last.. (He checks a clock on the wall next to the closet door and blinks in pleasant surprise at what he found) ...hour, it'd just be killing 2 birds with one stone for us right? Come, let's go play a game of tag!"

Then the teen blinked, his hand starting to draw away as he looked at Lya with apprehension, "unless, of course... you don't want to... I won't push you of course. We could find another way..." Elliot's words were broken, more forced than released, but his eyes showed that he meant it, though he hoped that it wouldn't come to that.

Again, various reactions came from the spirits filling the room ranging from stunned surprise (Aqua) to an expectant grin (Sangre). Even Yggdrasil's eyes widened a bit in response to Elliot's words. In the end, all of the spirits looked to Lya for her reply on impulse before realizing that they could be pressuring her and scattered, phasing through the walls, floor, and ceiling to give the couple their privacy. In the end, only Lya, Elliot, and the oblivious, twittering Georgie remained as Elliot awaited her reply.
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