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Re: Room 502
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Ignis wailed as Georgie pecked him multiple times then kicked him across the room. How the hell the bird was able to touch the spirit may never be known, but he chirped thankfully and trotted over to Lya's hand nuzzling her stomach once he was in her lap. This time, Aqua giggled a bit at the imp as his eyes rolled dizzly in the pile of clothes and junk on the floor before returning Lya's smile and waving at the while Ventus yawned and kicked back to sleep, casually beginning to float around the room as a gentle breeze blew Ignis onto his side (he was upside-down before).

Meanwhile, Yggdrasil yawned, but continued to sit there, glowing faintly as he subtly released a calming aura into the room to keep things peaceful and Sangre did not see the welcoming look in Lya's eyes since he was turned away, but felt that she'd noticed him and held no grudge. For a moment, the spirit continued to float outside of the window, but he eventually floated in backwards and closed the window behind him. Looking over at the new couple on the bed, the barest hint of a smile, easily missed, seemed to cross his face before he nodded at them and took a seat on the floor in a corner similarly to how Yggdrasil was, except with his head down and his arms crossed as though he were about to go to sleep sitting up.

As all of this was happening, Elliot was thinking. He had just recently begun to shift so he didn't know of anything positive that would make him shift at the time. His eyes had glowed a golden yellow multiple times in the past hour, but since he could not look into his own eyes, he had no way of knowing that. And even then, a simple change of eye color probably wasn't the type of result Lya was looking for. After wracking his brain for a few minutes as Lya continued to brush his hair, the teen sighed, shifting his sitting position (turning his back to her so that she could reach his left side more easily) and began to speak.

"I don't know, not much comes to mind honestly...," the teen began, "besides being with you, I don't think there's much to make my heart soar enough that it might cause me to change... are you sure there isn't an easier way to do this? How do you shift Lya?"

There were various reactions to Elliot's unintentionally sappy line. Aqua went "Awww!!!" and looked as though she wanted to pinch his cheeks. Sangre chuckled silently and approvingly. Ignis blinked and started to gag as Ventus nearly fell out of the air, and Yggdrasil remained stoic and focused on the matter at hand missing the line entirely as Georgie continued to nuzzle Lya. Yet, Elliot ignored them all as he was still trying to figure out something that could make him happy enough to shift. Even he didn't seem to notice the sappiness of what he had said.
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