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Re: Room 502
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Elliot blinked. He might've heard her wrong, but he thought she said "shift." As Lya explained what was going on, the teen felt a mix of excitement and dismay; excitement because he would finally be able to shift like the rest of his clan, and dismay because when it happened, it would be the same as when Gregor shifts out of rage.

Blonde brows furrowed teeth bit down on his lower lip as the Crescent Moon considered what Lya said. Her words and her brushing provided comfort for him as his right hand moved back to grab the bottle of baby oil and offered it to her as his eyes slowly closed. No matter how much the teen thought, he could only think of one question. "How soon can we start?" He asked Lya. The spirits in the room gradually beginning to relax as they heard Lya had a plan, yet not leaving until they heard more details. As usual, Ignis was the odd man out in this sentiment though, as he began sniping Georgie from across the room with small sparks of flame.

Eventually getting fed up, Georgie hopped off of the desk and dashed at the fire spirit in a manner similar to something Elliot might do. Caught by surprise, the fire spirit ducks through the floor as Georgie attacks pecking at the spot where the imp vanished. Then a sort of "whack-a-mole" game ensued as Ignis popped his head out of the floor and taunted the bird only to duck back in and pop up somewhere else as the chick tried to attack him. Ventus snickered at this little display as Aqua fumed on the verge of attacking the imp herself. Meanwhile, Yggdrasil's proxy sat on the floor still staring at the shifters, merely watching and listening as Sangre continued to float outside doing the same.
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