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Re: Room 502
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Elliot blinked as the woman got off of him and immediately moved off of the object that was tormenting him before looking at the woman beginning to get dressed. The small hope within him that had hoped that she would continue out of sheer lust once he'd calmed down died and he looked down with a sigh as he rolled over onto his knees on the mess and shook out his hair sending water droplets flying about. Slapping himself twice to get himself to focus, the teen started digging through his clothes careful not to look at anyone for fear of embarrassment as he got dressed.

Blue and white striped boxers that nearly matched his eyes were the first to go on, followed closely by a pair of dark blue jeans that faded a bit down the center of the thighs with a small distressed area underneath the left pocket where the stitching frayed enough to show the strands that wove together to form the pants. next was a simple, yellow graphic t-shirt. The words hugging the underside of an angry smiling reading "F*ck Everything!!!" could be seen for a moment before he slipped on a lighter blue-striped, short sleeved button down on over it.

Finally, the Crescent Moon put on a pair of socks and dug a detangling brush, some baby oil, and a few combs out of the mess bringing the items to the bed and dropping them between he and Lya before sitting down and combing his fingers though his hair to assess just how tangled it had become during the chaos that had just ensued. After assessing the damage, the teen grabbed the detangling brush and began carefully brushing out the knots as he glanced back and forth at Lya through the corner of his eye as he became more and more nervous.

"Err... sorry...," he said again once he finally began to speak, "I don't know came over me... ever since yelling at Niha yesterday it seems like my emotions have been on edge... heightened somehow... as if something else has awakened inside of me..." The teen turned away from Lya, but continued to brush his hair. Knowing fingers would thread through the golden locks, loosening any tangles they found as the brush came close behind eradicating them. A faint counting barely heard beneath his breath as though he were keeping track of the strokes. Just from watching him, one could tell that Elliot cared a great deal about his hair, and when his hair was down, the result of his treatments showed amazing results.

"I don't know what it is. It's like a well of emotion... sometimes good, sometimes bad... and I seem to get stronger when it comes out... to the point where I can't focus my strength...," he winced looking at the dresser that was lodged deep into the wall and floor at this point. The sound of cracking wood audible every now and then as the dresser continued to slowly sink deeper into the weakened wood through it's own weight. "What if this gets worse Lya-chan? What if I lose it completely one day and went on a rampage or something? Like Gregor when he gets mad. I wouldn't want that..."

By the time he had finished speaking, the teen's brush lied still, mid-stroke as he shuddered slightly. The fear of the unknown beginning to overcome him.
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