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Re: room #401
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Elliot WOULD have picked up Gregor's scent at about a half a mile away because he wasn't as good at it as the others yet, but he didn'tt due to the chaos happening at the moment and being frozen like this:

Eventually, a sigh is heard as Aqua comes out of nowhere smashing Elliot in the head with a water hammer. Since the boy was in such a sorry state to begin with, he is instantly k.o.ed. Meanwhile, Aqua turns towards Gregor, opens her mouth to say something, shys away, then tries again while stuttering greatly, "u-um... h-h-h-he'll... snap out of this... faster... th-than waiting... for the shock... t-t-t-to fade..."

When Elliot was asked for help, Aqua quickly sped off to take his place to get away from Gregor. Due to Gregor being from the main branch and the effects of the main branch's rage towards spirits, Aqua didn't like being around Gregor for long without someone else there to act as a buffer between them if need be.
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