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Re: room #401
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((Sorry, first, I thought we were doing a cycle so I was waiting for someone else to post before I replied. THEN my reply doesn't go through so it became a double fail! I'm so sorry for holding you up guys! >.<))

Elliot looked at Galaxy weirdly as she analyzed his name and returned the shake. "Umm... thanks I guess...," Elliot said. He was still a little mad at her about earlier, but part of him liked the fact that she liked his name which caused him to actually smile a bit.

Elliot then let go of Galaxy's hand and put his hands behind his head before extending them in a surprisingly feminine stretch. "Welp, I'd better go; I've got a lot of training to do," the teen said once he finished his stretch and walked towards the door. Elliotthen turned the door handle and opened it before looking back over his shoulder and winking and smirking at the group. "Just give me a call when you guys are ready to join me for training. If you can handle it that is!"

And with that' Elliot left the room closing the door behind him.
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