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genji uzumaki

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Re: room #401
« on: September 18, 2012, 02:29:53 pm »
hey-he walks up to he and puts hes hand on her head like he would do dawn- cheer up no point in being sad and emo just keep your head up i'll let you know when the time come now we all need to become strong to stand a chance so do some training for now-he said smiling-
Name:genji uzumaki
Age: 16
Bio: genji has been dragged here by his annoying friend akio to find his twin sister dawn. genji loves to act like a cool guy so he doesnt say much. his only friend is akio but thats because akio forced it on him
ability: control of water and lava
Likes: silence, coolness, fighting, candy
Dislikes: loudmouths, goofs, vegetables,
Classes:(total of 5)
Class Rep:2nd
Year: yukimora

Stats: total 2nd year-400
energy to use ability-60
martial arts skills-90
equipment skills-0