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genji uzumaki

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Re: room #401
« on: September 18, 2012, 02:13:20 pm »
try isn't the word homura we're going to lose people we care father he's not that easy to kill since he's dead and all and as for demix i don't know what he see's in him but hes always up to something-he said standing to hes feet-remember that crest i saw back in that world with yume? i have a feeling he has a plan and its huge.
Name:genji uzumaki
Age: 16
Bio: genji has been dragged here by his annoying friend akio to find his twin sister dawn. genji loves to act like a cool guy so he doesnt say much. his only friend is akio but thats because akio forced it on him
ability: control of water and lava
Likes: silence, coolness, fighting, candy
Dislikes: loudmouths, goofs, vegetables,
Classes:(total of 5)
Class Rep:2nd
Year: yukimora

Stats: total 2nd year-400
energy to use ability-60
martial arts skills-90
equipment skills-0