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Kauhi Chein

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Re: Room 417
« on: February 01, 2013, 07:07:35 pm »
Chein barge in and put the bag on the coffee table and lay on the bed, finishing off one of her drumstick. Kauhi enters soon and close the door behide him. He scratch his hairs with a puzzle glance. "You sure you don't want your own dorm room?"

"Yeah, why would I?" Chein put down the bone in the bag and lay down on the bed, dozing off already. Kauhi smiles at the sight and sat down after grabbing one book, leaning against the bed on ground. "Sweet dreams then." he said to her, opening the book and began to read it.
Name: Kauhi Kasai
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Look: -5'3 and Emerald eyes, shift to crimson eyes when using The Chained Rabbit's abilities or when happen randomly-

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Name: Cheindousagi 'Chein'
Age: Look to be 14 in human form.
Gender: Female
Human's form.
-4'11 and violet eyes-

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