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A forest filled with vicious demons and creatures.

Freya flew out into the forest, ignoring the fog she landed down on a tree branch and stared out into the gray mist.  She pulled her knees up, resting her hand atop her knees as she replayed the fight, she had lost, sadly and sighed softly in disappointment.

Yukio Daichi:
Yukio followed Freya to the tree. He climbed with ease and sat next to her, putting his arm around her. "You Okay?"

"vincent appeared on a tree top a few feet away from freya and yukio" the last students who came here by  themselves died to the island. do you 2 wish the same fate "he crossed his arms and smiled wickedly"

She looked over at Yukio and smiled a bit, "I'm fine you don't need to worry." she said and stood up on the branch. She looked at vincent and tilted her head, "Of course not sir, we shall leave then. Though this place makes me feel at peace..." she said, muttering the last words to herself. She took Yukio  in her arms and flew them up into the air, "Sorry for trespassing sir." she said to vincent and flew off back to the school


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