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Re: The Forest
« on: July 23, 2012, 04:57:46 pm »
Flex started to look around for food so Galexy got of his back, sat dont by a tree & started to read a book . Flex didnt go off too far so she didnt mind. she saw that flex was going after a black weird looked lion & she just shook her head
Name: Galexy Hozuki
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Bio: Galexy is the Mother of Dawn Hozuki ,Genji Uzumaki, & Akio (The too males who was not suppose to come there without her knowing..) & She came here to find her Children. She know there are other here she need to find as well. She is the one of the top strongest Ninjas in the world & she is very strong & wealthy. Though she doesnt care for money. She just cares about the people she loves (Which is not many). She speed most of her time train (Which or without her demons) & going on missions that she has yet to fail anyone of them. She also came to learn about this universe way & creatures. She most came to protect her kids. She feels danger is coming & she not sure of what. Galexy can be nice, However She One One Women You Should not mess with. get on her bad side, RUN!
ability: Water Elements,Fire,Lighting,Darkness
Likes: Swimming, Trainning, Blood, Her Kids, Roses
Dislikes: Rude People, Know It Alls, Stuff Like That
Equipment: Sword,Hands(Claws),Mind,Daggers & Kunais

Stats: total 1500
strength- 200
speed- 200
intelligence- 200
energy to use ability-200
martial arts skills- 250
equipment skills- 250
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