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Running through the shadows [semi open, evening]

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Mika Sasaki:
Mika walked through the darkness of the forest, weaving in and out of shadows.  It felt right today.  She couldn't get a solid focus on any one thought, her mind was just running through the shadows.  After wandering for what could have been hours she stumbled upon a large tree.  Leaning against the trunk she slid down to the ground.  Closing her eyes and leaning her head back she sighed and pulled her knees in closer.

Killik found himself wondering through the black forest, yet another place that caught his eye. As he wondered he picked up a familiar scent "mika?" He made his way in theat direction, soon finding her "hello mika" killik smiled

Mika Sasaki:
Mika's thoughts were scattered to the wind as Killik approached.  It took a moment for her to take in that her name had been spoken.  When she did her head rose slowly.  Seeing Killik in front of her she smiled softly, "Hello again Killik.  How are you this evening?"

Killik sat down in front of her "I am doing all too well what about you, clearly you are on an adventure right?" He looked around at the forest

Mika Sasaki:
Mika smiled and ran her hand through her hair.  "That's great that you are doing well.  I, well, I guess you could say I'm on an adventure.  Although its more like I started following a wandering thought and opened my eyes and was out here."  She laughed lightly.


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