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Freya was currently sitting up in a tree, legs swinging as she watched the sky change. She relaxed against the tree enjoying the stillness the Black Forest had. Despite the dangers lurking everywhere she enjoyed the almost dark, evil energy surrounding it.

*shinji walked into the forest and looked around, he oddly found this place beautiful, he knew how dangerous this place was but he really didnt care*

She sensed someone in the forest, "That would be that creepy white haired kid." Anilese informed, sitting on her shoulder in fairy form. "Hm I wonder why he's out here...?" she muttered, letting her friend vanish she swung down from the branch and landed lightly on the forest floor.

*shinji walked around taking in the sights around he could feel the eyes looking at him in the shadows, they did not move only watch as if studying him and his movements , he heard a soft thud, as if someone was landing he walked to the sound and surpised to see freya but he did not come near her* hey freya..

She nodded to him in greeting. "What are you doing out here Shinji?" she questioned, raising an eyebrow.


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