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Cloudy Nights (night, raining, open)

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Freya yawned softly, eyes falling shut while the rain fell and plastered her hair down and darkening the color. "Idiot you'll catch a cold sitting out here in the rain" she opened her eyes as Anileses voice formed in her head. "Maybe, but for now I'm trying to center my thoughts, and make a quick sweep through my mind to see everythings in order." Freya answered aloud and her eyes fell shut again. Well if it makes you feel better, I haven't detected any changes, besides just two waking up and sealing off there areas, and I don't think mini you has felt any disturbances she nodded at that and let shadows collect in the center of her hand. "True, but still to be safe I like checking for myself." she mumbled.

Shinji watched the rain from under his umbrella, he could help self so he jumped into a pudle. Chuckling to himself he jumped to the next one and the one atfer that. He was being childish and he didn't care he needed this, just to be carefree.

She opened her eyes, brushing her wet hair from her face she looked at the ground from her spot in the tree. Hm I believe on of your little friends is nearby she nodded. "The aura feels like Shinji." she mumbled and turned her attention back to the shadows curling around her hand.

Somewhere  shinji losted his umbrella, he was jus running in the rain. He would stop and slide in the mudded, he chanted a spell to make him go fast. It was almost like he was three again and none the burbens he had now mattered he was just free.

She flipped off the branch and landed on her feet, stretching she once again brushed her bangs back as she went off in search of him.


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