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The Makku
« on: August 15, 2012, 09:09:38 pm »
Name: Makku
place(s) of origin: Balrajimm

Level: 10
Bio: the makku is a creature that lives in the marsh lands on balrajimm. it preys on any who enters its lands
Abilities: has a barbed tongue that it uses like a whip and can numb a persons body, acidic spit and gas from mouth
Strengths: immense size and strength, barbed tongue
Name: Ankobu Kyo
place(s) of origin: Hidden Catacombs

Type:God Of Chaos (kyos older brother)
Class: S
Bio: Ankobu is the older brother of Ankoku Kyo aka Principal Kyo. he was sealed away by his younger brother for trying to destroy the world. Ankobu's Tomb is located somewhere on the island
Abilities: Various Vampiric Abilities
Strengths: vampire master
Weaknesses: none


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