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Abruptly, silence reigned. Those familiar faces stared back at him, eyes dead of emotion. As if someone had come along and stolen everything that made that person. There was no life, no sparkle, no feeling. They were all empty shells, mere puppets.

Shadow closed in about him, like someone was dimming the lights that didn't exist. Even in madness, the dark was cold and uninviting. It wasn't comfortable or comforting. It was draining and chilling. It lead him to believe that he wasn't yet complete mad. Perhaps on his way there, but he hadn't yet made the descent. The first hill of the roller coaster had yet to be cleared.

A whisper, just the breath of one, moved in a wave through the crowd. That sound froze his blood. It was hard to say why. The silence that followed in the wake of that whisper made a shiver skitter over his spine.

A creaking sound moved through those he knew encircled him, and tighter that noose of terror choked. His every cell knew that sound was dangerous. It was bad. His ears hear a chattering, only for his mind to realize that it was his own teeth clattering together in his head out of fear.

A deafening scuffle comes, orange eyes gleaming in touchable shadow, the glint of a predator's teeth as light struck off deadly fangs. These things are beginning to stalk toward him, clamoring over one another. He can't make out their shape, if they be humanoid or anything really in specific. Just orange flame eyes moving toward him at heightening speeds, and glittering sharp teeth. He was watching his death move toward him.

He couldn't not struggle, to run. Though he got the feeling that he was running circles, and getting nowhere. Hopelessness ate at him. Still his feet moved.

Little pains began striking at his feet and legs. When he peered down, all he could see was shadow. But something swam that abyss, and that something was biting at him. It drew his blood, that drove the horde behind him into a frenzy.

Weight piled onto his back, slowly at first, then faster and faster, until it beared himt o the ground. A gnashing, chattering, whispering mass of incredible heaviness sat on his back. It pressed him into the ground, suffocating him. He could barely draw a breath. His lungs were being crushed.

And even during that, he fell the things tearing at him, little pieces of his body going to those predatorial mouths. His air was being lost, his blood, his flesh, his mind. Everything was being eroded away from him. These things would leave him nothing of himself.

Even his love was taken in those moments, as he heard Kaya's voice in his mind tell him, "You're just another among the number. Another brick in the wall, another name on the list. You aren't special. You will be one more." The cold in that voice, the certainty. It shot straight to his heart, and clenched.

He felt the last vestiges of air leave his body, already feeling cold as his blood had drained so much from his body that his core temperature was dropping. His lungs had stopped attempting to draw air, too crushed. He was pretty sure both had been punctured and had deflated.

His bones had begun to snap. His spine was already snapped, blessedly. He could hear the bones crackling like twigs. And then nothing. Nothing but black.


He woke up in the yard of the Abandoned Prison. He'd passed out right outside the entrance to it, the gates still looming above him. That barbed wire he was almost sure that he'd jumped was still there. His head and body hurt. He just wanted to go somewhere and not be alone. The place still seemed a little weird...
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