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He grasped her hand, and she led him toward those shadows. Soon that abyssal darkness swallowed him. He felt her fingers let his go, and he still remained in that black ink of shadow. She heard her bell-like voice giggle, but she was further away from him now.

"Silly spider, tricks are for kids. You didn't win when placed were bids." She teased him. Her little voice was merry and happy. His instinct shrieked to get out of the shadow, get out of that place. But even as it shrieked, it had no idea which way out was.

"Always they go so happily into the arms of the madness. But no one ever keeps that happiness. They think with a blink, it can all be undone. They never realize we are not only one.

We are many, in neverending abyss. We've found our own place of bliss. If you'd just embrace us, you'd have nothing to fear. But, you don't love us, that much is clear."
That little girl voice was saddened by that fact. "Fly and fly, until you'll die." 

As if that were a signal of some sort, fluttering can be heard. Slithering, pounding, the flitter of wings, absolute pandemonium.