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The wall reacts to him, screaming in a voice that has been poorly silenced. It bucks him off from it, to the sounds of that cheerful little giggle. He lands hard on the floor again, though he is not stunned.

Where the voice had been centered, a dim light shone. Stepping into it was a little girl. Her flyaway raven hair was loose. Her palest moonlight skin was unearthly in it's glimmer in the light. Even without looking at her eyes, he' struck by the thought that this could almost be Kaya when she was a little girl.

Instead of comforting him, the realization makes it all the more eerie for him. It brought things a little too close to home. She spoke again in a sing song sort of voice, "Glad that you care just enough to stare. Don't let me off put you, or disturb what you'll do. I like to watch my prey run, it makes my meal more fun." The girl lifted her eyes, and he found himself gazing back at his own.