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Re: Abandoned Building
« on: July 10, 2012, 11:35:21 am »
Dawn comes here & Throw Takashi in an chair & Chains him up. Then she used some type of stronge weirdo magic (or which i like to call chakara) and made it go around the chains. that way he cant get away & his "Magic wont help him" "...Ugh what is wrong with me... this is not like me at all... i just want to get home.. Why do i even want to go home!... there is nothing for me there.. Except my mother, Akio, My Brother... Who i dont even know where he is, My Uncle Yagyuu & Kenro ... but there always busy... im alone... but i dont belong here & im probablly not welcome ..UGH!! ill just wait until he walks up" She sat in a chair & wanted for Takashi to walk up. Meanwhile, she made a Barrier around the room so no one can get in or out
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